Politicians Want to Ban GTA V

Politicians Want to Ban GTA V

Computer games depicting violence have been receiving a lot of negative attention for decades. How do they affect the psychological state of kids? Is there a link between computer games and crime? Illinois state politicians would like to ban some computer games because they believe they are directly linked to the recent crimes in Chicago. […]

Kickstarter Earned $13 Million From A Board Game

Kickstarter Earned $13 Million From A Board Game

Kickstarter is a popular marketplace when it comes to collecting money from investors if you have some new product, business, or other project. The board game Frosthaven has made a sensation on this platform while selling their idea. The game Gloomhaven earned an incredible amount of $13 million from supporters after the presentation was made […]

The Best Ever Role-Playing Games on PC

Role Playing Games or RPG’s have been available on the PC for some time now. They offer simply hundreds of hours of entertainment to those that love this particular genre of PC game. Since the first launch of RPG’s on the tabletop the games have been like a run-away juggernaut and now, they are simply […]

What Exactly are Role Playing Games?

RPG’s or Role-Playing Games are well known among the game playing fraternity. But for the lay person who is not a regular player of games they probably haven’t got a clue what an RPG consists of. Basically, a Role Playing Game is one where the player takes on the role of the main character or […]

The Rise of Senior Video Gamers

Believe it or not there is a whole new generation of online gamers, and they are seniors.  Some people tag them as old aged pensioners but we know exactly who we are talking about. The very people who once shouted at their children for spending too much time in front of their monitors are now […]

Are Arcades Still Popular

At one time, video game arcades could be found in every town and city in the world, this of course was pre-internet days and the atmosphere of an arcade was unlike any other gaming experience around. Crowds gathered around machines to see their favorite local players perform, and there was a general buzz of anticipation […]

Great Historical Online Games

Online video games with historical backgrounds have always been popular because they are fun and educational. There are many different games and some of them tell true stories more than others, but each of them has references to events that have taken place in the past and have affected our history. Here are some of […]

Best VR Games

Virtual Reality (VR) has been pretty silent in terms of gaming while platform owners got hands on latest releases. Anyone who got an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive have been favoured with games like Moss, Beat Saber and In Death. As VR games trying to get more into different platforms by creating new games with […]

The Best Online Sports Games – Part 2

In part one of the best online sports games we took a closer look at 2 of the biggest and best-known franchised games around. If you are keen on football then it is almost certain that you will have played FIFA at some point, the same applies to the players of PGA Tour who love […]