What Exactly are Role Playing Games?

RPG’s or Role-Playing Games are well known among the game playing fraternity. But for the lay person who is not a regular player of games they probably haven’t got a clue what an RPG consists of. Basically, a Role Playing Game is one where the player takes on the role of the main character or protagonist.

It is then the players job to face down the enemies and collect rewards along the way to help with performing the tasks. When playing such games, you can learn new skills, confront and defeat even the toughest opponents and watch an epic story unfold before your eyes.

Different Types of RPG’s

There are many types of RPG’s out on the market and different games attract different types of people. From action and adventure type games, to games of strategy. Bust basically there are two main categories of RPG’s, which are video games and tabletop ones.

  • Tabletop – Fiasco, Fate, Dungeons & Dragons
  • Video – Horizon Zero Dawn, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger

If we break these role-playing games down, then we can perhaps understand role playing games easier.

Tabletop RPG’s

One of the very best and first tabletop role playing games was Dungeons and Dragons. The big difference between this game and what had gone before it was that an individual was singled out as our hero, and he was even given a name. Of course, the player took the mantle of the hero and role-playing tabletop games were invented.

The basic elements that make up a tabletop RPG are;

  • The player becomes a character
  • The character then has game stats and relates to other objects in the game
  • The role playing has an important part to play in the story line
  • And all decisions of the character are made by the player

Video RPG’s

Now let’s see how different the Video RPG’s are to that of the tabletop variety. The player still controls the character, and still has relationships with other elements within the game. The actual importance of the character’s role in the story line is not as defined, as there are more fictional layers embedded in the game. The biggest difference between the two formats is that the player does not really take on the role of the character. Yes, he does control his movements but is not making the decisions. So, the player is not faced with dilemmas such as what is the morally right thing to do now? Both Tabletop RPG’s and Video RPG’s are still immensely popular. But in games such as Dungeons and Dragons the real addictive part is that the character develops the more you play. But not all tabletop games have this feature.

RPG games of both formats have now developed into complex forms of enjoyment. In the past the plots were fairly weak but now the story lines are loaded with different characters and tricky situations. New RPG’s that have hit the market and will bound to be made into series are, Metal Gear, Half Life, and Bioshock.

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