Top 6 Most Iconic Video Games

So many video games pay so much attention to the hero, this means less attention to the bad guy and can make the entire game boring. But some games can never bore you no matter how long you have played them. These games will always be new to you whenever you pick up your pads and want to play; this is what it means to be iconic. Let’s take a look at some of the iconic video games ever to be designed:

Super Mario

Super Mario is one game you can never get tired of playing. You cannot get enough of Donkey Kong, who is the major pain in the ass for Mario. You will never get bored of going against Browser, the cool monkey. The browser was on a different level, with his minions, huge castle and even spikes on his shells, he always stole the scene from Mario. This game is one game that is loved all over the world, and the characters are just mind-blowing.

Chrono Cross

Lynt in Chrono Cross is the primary reason everybody loves the game. Lynx is always a sight to behold in the cool outfit that makes him look like Dracula. With the female clown that doubles as his sidekick, Lynx can be easily controlled, and he is fun to manipulate throughout the game. This is the way its difficult to let go once you are n your pads play Chrono Cross.

Resident Evil 5

The movie may be popular, but it has nothing on the game. The game’s primary character Wesker is much better in the fifth version. With his long coat and dark glasses, Wesker is the villain you would love to take on, any time any day. He is not that easy to get over with, thanks to the virus in his body that gives him the superhuman abilities. He uses Sheva and Chris as his regular punch bags and can beat the crap out of anyone.

Baldur’s Gate

It is a known myth that whoever goes past the Baldur’s gate, can’t get back the same. You cannot get over the urge to defeat Sarevok, and the bad news is, Sarevok is not a natural enemy. Within unclear and diabolic motives that are hard to tell, you will have to do a lot to keep him in check. This difficult task will keep you glued to your television the whole day.

Metal Gear Solid

As a first time player of the Metal Gear Solid, you may find it difficult to under the game especially with the kind f character found in Ocelot. But once you get to understand your challenges, you will catch that groove that is difficult to let go. You need to get this game and see the reason why it cuts the most iconic games ever.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy used to be a household name amongst agent gamers and lovers of actions. The game has been around for a while now and with its crop of character like the Villain Sephiroth that always put up an energetic show with his swordsmanship and display of massive aggression. Everybody loves Fantasy, and I believe you will love it too, once you try it out.

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