The Best-Selling Video Games of all Time

The online and video gaming industry is booming, it grows bigger each year and shows no signs of stopping. It seems game makers can’t stop producing blockbuster hits that the adoring games simply cannot get enough of.

In this blog we look at the games that helped shape an entire industry and they have all got one thing in common, that they are all in the top ten of the bestselling games of all time. Some of the games are a little dated, and some have stood the test of time well, but sales have proven that they were huge hits in their day.

Super Mario Bros

This game is the first in the Nintendo’s series. Super Mario characters are household names, they have grown into all avenues of modern culture from advertising, merchandising, marketing, the list is almost endless. The main hero unsurprisingly is Mario and the game is for two people. One player controls Mario the other his brother Luigi as they both explore the Mushroom Kingdom in an effort to come to the aid of Princess Toadstool who has been captured by the evil Bowser.

Grand Theft Auto V

This game was an absolute blockbuster in every sense of the word. Grand Theft Auto V itself encapsulates a part of gaming history. It was the first game to achieve 65 million dollar worth of sales which is far higher than many more modern hits. Rockstar Games produced this fast action and adventure game in 2013 that is set in the fictional state of San Andreas. The single-player game features three criminals who try their best to beat a government agency in their intent to cause as much crime as possible.

Wii Sports

Wii Sports has actually outsold Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Donkey Kong and the best of the rest. Wii Sports is a compendium of great games that uses Wii’s motion control system. This brilliant concept meant that whole families could for the first time enjoy video games together. There are actually five mini-games that utilize the motion-sensing capabilities of the Wii Remote, tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing. There is a game for everybody, mother, father, sister or brother the whole family can enjoy this great entertainment.


Possibly the most classic video game of all, Tetris can be played on almost any platform even today, and has been the benchmark for similar tile-matching games ever since. Tetris is available now as an online game such is its everlasting popularity, Tetris is almost immortal. Tetris can be played almost anywhere, on video game consoles, online, graphic calculators, mobile phones, tablets, music players and so on to infinity and beyond.

These four video games are timeless, they are all still bringing hours of fun to different gamers from all walks of life. The helped form a platform for the gaming industry as a whole to base their future developments on. It is certain without these four games then the online gaming industry would not be what is today.

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