The Best Online Sports Games – Part 2

In part one of the best online sports games we took a closer look at 2 of the biggest and best-known franchised games around. If you are keen on football then it is almost certain that you will have played FIFA at some point, the same applies to the players of PGA Tour who love golf.

These games are real powerhouses that provide the opportunity to link up with fellow gamers around the world. This time around we will take a closer look at another 2 sports and uncover the biggest and best names for online gaming.

NBA Live

The NBA Live video game has been around since 1994 and continually grows in popularity. There is no doubting that the official tie in with players and leagues has made this game a must have for basketball fans around the globe.

Generally, there is a new release every year, which allows the franchise to update gameplay as well as team data. Changes that have arrived recently include a career mode, which allows you to personalize your player, or athlete as they refer to it. You can then take this player to through various different scenarios to the very top of their game.

You get to choose your own mode of play, which includes:

  • Live Events – Head to iconic street venues in takedown mode and challenge other NBA legends and their crews
  • Live Run – Partner with other online gamers to takedown opponents
  • PRO-AM Tour – Gives you the opportunity to climb the solo ranks in the Nike Pro-Am tour
  • Franchise – The budding managers will love this element, take control of an NBA franchise and play the role of GM, coach and of course player

There is even an ultimate team mode which allows you to build a squad of players from present and past and dominate.


We couldn’t leave basketball having covered just one of the dominant 2 games. The NBA 2K series is seen as the biggest selling game in this niche. In its early days from release it was published by Sega and was available on the Dreamcast console; however, since 2005 it has been published by 2K Sports and has grown in stature.

Visual Concepts are the development team behind the success of the NBA 2K series. It has an excellent career mode, which is one of the main reasons the game is globally adorned. Many critics and players alike this mode to something close to a role-playing video game. Graphically the game has also been ahead of NBA Live for some time now; however, it is thought that EA Sports have been closing the gap, little by little.

To give an idea of it’s popularity, in the first week after launch of NBA 2K16 they shipped a staggering 4 Million copies. This is something that NBA Live could only wish to achieve with their basketball game.

While each game tends to have its own followers and fans, you cannot underestimate the power and benefit that they both have brought to the sport. A truly global franchise that fully supports the American National Basketball Association.

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