The Best Online Sports Games – Part 1

Online sports games have grown out of all recognition in recent times. The scale of game-play, the realism, and of course the reach to the online community have all played their part in making sports games one of the top types of games to play.

In this blog post we will take a look at a number of different sports genres and examine who creates the best games. We will also uncover future developments that could change how we play sports games online.


Kicking things off (pun intended) is the FIFA series from game-maker EA Sports. Thanks to official licensing from FIFA, the online incarnation has proper names, realistic players and sponsorship details. EA Sports have really worked hard to ramp up the game play and add some really neat touches to their game. Aside from creating an in-house environment where the whole family take on each other to the mantle of the best team, the FIFA series has also evolved into a truly global phenomenon. One of the most exciting changes is just upon us with the launch of FIFA 18. The game play is powered by “Frostbite 3” engine, which aims to blur the lines of reality and gameplay.

Without exception every (annual) release of the game sees queues of buyers waiting for the game to hit the shelves. This year’s release has been received very well by the press and gaming communities. With Metacritic giving FIFA18 scores of 84/100 on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Expect to see 52 fully licensed stadiums from no less than 12 different countries. An additional 30 stadiums are also provided. EPL lovers will be delighted that every Premier League ground in England features.

Other interesting info for the latest incarnation include:

  • Cover images – Cristiano Ronaldo
  • In game score updates – Alan Smith, Martin Tyler and Alan Mcinally
  • Injury reports – Geoff Shreeves
  • Analysis – Ron Atkinson
  • Men’s international matches – Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesley

As usual FIFA has really pushed the boat out to ensure the most realistic voice commentary is available Play alone or join the millions that will be playing online, the choice is of course yours! Whatever you decide, FIFA 18 is set to raise the bar for all online football games.

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

The 2nd game we feature in this blog is another from power-house EA Sports. This time we take a look at their PGA Tour golf franchise, which is headed up by official sponsorship of the World’s number 1 golfer, Rory Mcilroy. Players looking for an online game can choose to match up with either ranked or unranked players. They have the options to play the game over a 15-year span, which is one tough challenge.

Stunning graphics and ultra-realistic gameplay combine to really produce one of the best online golf games around. The online tournament hub allows players to access all aspects of the game mode. There are no less than 3 base game-play styles with feature weekly and monthly tournaments to challenge for.

The game is immense and will be one that takes an awful long time to master. Great news for golf fans as they will get maximum value for money during the weeks and months that they are playing Rory McIIroy PGA Tour. Here are just 2 of the best online sports games, don’t forget to look out for our next blog post which will take a closer look at some more.

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