The Best Ever Role-Playing Games on PC

Role Playing Games or RPG’s have been available on the PC for some time now. They offer simply hundreds of hours of entertainment to those that love this particular genre of PC game. Since the first launch of RPG’s on the tabletop the games have been like a run-away juggernaut and now, they are simply massive as a form of home entertainment. It is tough to try and segment what the role-playing genre is all about. But if we have a look at some of the best ever RPG’s then perhaps you can decide for yourself. Our list obviously only touches the surface and it certainly not representative of all RPG’s, perhaps you can think of others that you would also add to the list.

The Witcher 3

Wild Hunt is the third game in the popular The Witcher series and was released in 2015. Basically, the storyline focuses on a lone character that wanders around confronting new and ever more complex adventures. The graphics are superb featuring wind-blown trees and bright crimson sunsets. Many players prefer to take their hero by the walking route to take advantage of all the great landscapes rather than the faster travel points.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

A more recent game is the tense Original Sin 2 which was released in 2017 by Larian Studios. The main character has a real hunger for divinity, and he believes he can actually do anything. Although quite violent in parts, this game is thoroughly engaging on so many levels. Another great thing about this madcap game is that four players can play at the same time. So, invite your friends around and have a really great night.  

Pillars of Eternity

Out of the Obsidian stable comes Pillars of Eternity, and it was designed to please of lovers of older CRPG’s (Classic Role Playing Games).  The graphics and artwork are nowhere as sophisticated as say The Witcher 3, but that is not the big attraction of this game. The narrative is wonderfully engaging that touches on everything from social problems to religious conflicts. And Pillars of Eternity is an incredibly challenging game to play, which probably is why it has so much widespread appeal.


The most recent game on our list is Outward which was released in 2019. It is a game that has so many levels and builds up bit by bit like building blocks. And the first fights and fracas that the character gets involved with are almost junior training bouts. A bizarre feature of this game is the auto-save facility which makes any mistakes you make along the way permanent. But an endearing feature is being able to trade your amassed health points for wonderful magical attributes. All these PC role-playing games demonstrate why it is so hard to categorize the genre. And that is the beauty of RPG’s, there is something for absolutely everybody to enjoy. No doubt the industry will go on to achieve even greater heights with more complex games, but still some of the older ones are still the best.

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