Great Video Games for Kids

Playing video games with your kids is a fun way to spend some family time together. The many computer games available make it somewhat harder to pick an appropriate one for your family. We have assembled a rundown of some great video games for kids that you can try out. This list considers the ESRB evaluations of these games.

Knack 2 (PS4)

Suitable for children age 10 or more, Knack 2 is a family-friendly high effect action game. The freedom to change their robot hero’s size based on certain advantages and disadvantages helps children to cultivate decision-making skills. It can be more favorable for the hero to be small in this instance but big and powerful in the next. The new game also allows a two-players full co-agent mode in which the two players can customize their robot’s size.

Roblox (Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Xbox One, Oculus Rift)

This game enables kids to mimic playground antics and fun. Roblox community’s user-generated content helps create new ideas that preserve the fun of the game. It creates kid-like encounters that cover everything from working in a fast-food joint to surviving a catastrophic event. Games are fine-tuned over many months and cover a variety of genres.

Tricky Towers (PS4, Steam, Vita)

This is one of the best block stacking games for kids. Tricky Towers helps improve your child’s appreciation of the laws of physics while having fun. The challenge of ensuring that the towers of Tetrominos are perfectly balanced is a fun way to apply Physics and Math. Too many blocks will only topple your tower over. Also, its four-player challenges are ideal for fun indoor family times.

Nancy Drew (PC)

Kids can undoubtedly identify with the private academy investigator plot of this game. Something bizarre is happening at a fancy-pants prep school, and everyone’s favorite teen sleuth is on a mission to discover what it is. A student desperately wanting to be valedictorian is threatening to get rid of her biggest competition. Hence, Nancy Drew goes undercover. Players are to assist the girl detective in searching for clues while looking out for incriminating slips-of-thumb in instant messages. Deciphering the mystery and catching the culprit is a relieving reward.

Osmo Mind Racers (iOS)

Osmo games are great for the interesting educational experiences they create. Mind Racers features genuine Hot Wheels autos. Players place their choice of car in the slot under the iPad. And the car instantly appears on the screen for the race challenge. The race is powered by tokens which you must learn to use judiciously. This game is a favorite for many young players for bringing real cars to on-screen racing.

World of Zoo (PC)

This is one of the best PC games for children. What will you like to do in a zoo? World of Zoo encourages creativity. The animal editor allows you customize your own zoo. Once the virtual zoo with various species is loaded, your child can change the fur patterns, sizes of ears or tails, colors, et cetera, of favorite animals. So you can have elephants with small ears in your zoo if you want.

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