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Politicians Want to Ban GTA V

Politicians Want to Ban GTA V

Computer games depicting violence have been receiving a lot of negative attention for decades. How do they affect the psychological state of kids? Is there a link between computer games and crime? Illinois state politicians would like to ban some computer games because they believe they are directly linked to the recent crimes in Chicago. […]

The Rise of Senior Video Gamers

Believe it or not there is a whole new generation of online gamers, and they are seniors.  Some people tag them as old aged pensioners but we know exactly who we are talking about. The very people who once shouted at their children for spending too much time in front of their monitors are now […]

Great Historical Online Games

Online video games with historical backgrounds have always been popular because they are fun and educational. There are many different games and some of them tell true stories more than others, but each of them has references to events that have taken place in the past and have affected our history. Here are some of […]

Top multi-player video games

There are several multi-player games available today. Here we discuss some of what can be considered the top multi player video games that are currently in the market. PUBG is a multi-player game that is available for Xbox One and PC. PUBG is called Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and is considered by many to be one […]

Great Video Game Developers

Do you play video games?  Here are some of the guys behind those captivating games you can seem to take your hands off! Shigeru Miyamoto Shigeru Miyamoto is, without doubt, the king of Video game producers and designers. He was given an inaugural award and inducted into the famous Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences […]

A History of Video Games

Although video games reached the masses in the 1970s, the history of video games can be traced to as early as the 1950s in academia, when computer scientists designed simple games and simulations for research. Video games became popular with the introduction of video arcade games and gaming consoles controlled with joysticks and buttons, along […]

Great Video Games for Kids

Playing video games with your kids is a fun way to spend some family time together. The many computer games available make it somewhat harder to pick an appropriate one for your family. We have assembled a rundown of some great video games for kids that you can try out. This list considers the ESRB […]

Great Video Games for Adults

Playing video games is a fun method to take a break. The numerous video games available make it somewhat harder to pick a suitable one to start with. So, we have assembled a list of some great video games for adults that you can try out. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — PC, Xbox One Popularly called PUBG, […]