Best VR Games

Virtual Reality (VR) has been pretty silent in terms of gaming while platform owners got hands on latest releases. Anyone who got an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive have been favoured with games like Moss, Beat Saber and In Death. As VR games trying to get more into different platforms by creating new games with such technology, Skyrim, first game launched in 1994, making their own to produce something new but yet familiar. If you have not seen new trends in VR gaming section, we are going to present you the top tier ones of 2018. Although some games are still in beta access which means they are not finished but are updated with the gotten feedback from users.

Beat Saber

In case you always wanted to feel like in a Star Wars universe slicing boxes with a lightsaber, this VR game is the best current option for you. With the sensors detecting your movements, your mission is to shuffle from right to left, duck and avoid coming objects at you! It is your time to show off because you score points regarding your style moves. The fun catch of the game is that you can do all that by listening to the best tracks slicing ‘em off! To find instructions of the game and find the perfect songs for you – visit the unofficial BeastSaber website.

In Death

The game which was nominated the best VR archery game of the year made to the top with its exclusive gameplay. When you put on the virtual reality headset, it lets you feel an action type character like in medieval times with extravagant castle and your bow on the back. While exploring the map you can find different sort of weaponry, also shooting an arrow it makes you move to the spot you shot. At first, the game itself is hard to get use to but it is noted to remain playing due to completing achievements through the whole progress.

Echo Combat

This shooting action game brings out the best qualities among other FPS games around virtual reality platform. There are plenty of options to choose a gun in a game. Likewise, extra boosts were added to make the experience more enjoyable. You can find different selections such as jumping of walls, ability to change gravity and gaining additional speed to find and execute your opponents. The maps were created with focus on players getting cover when firing at the enemies or taking divergent track to outrun the rivals.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice VR

Played with the keyboard and mouse, however, it implemented VR support to manage roaming around the game’s environment. The world created by developer Ninja Theory is spectacular. It lets you to feel real and alive around Viking age to complete quests and fight for the lost souls. As the game is still being updated, the movement and the 3rd-person view works well and VR elements are making the whole experience worth the purchase. Despite the game being released on 31st of  July, 2018, it has already been in the talks for “The TIGA Games Industry” award.

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