Best Games For Adult Game Night

When it’s time to get together with your best adult buds, sure, it can be fun to catch up on the latest office gossip or discuss what’s been going on with your kids over a nice bottle of wine. However, these things can get boring very quickly. With entertainment readily available at your fingertips, nowadays, everyone is opting to play addicting online video games or to place bets on some relaxing games in the comfort of their own home, making it easy to forget about interacting with friends for a fun game night. If you’re in desperate need of a change of pace with your friends, then you may want to consider throwing an adult game night for some serious fun. The best adult games are the ones that allow you to just be yourself, loosen up, and laugh until your stomach hurts. If you’re in charge of an adult game night for you and your friends, here are some of the best adult games you should definitely play.

Circle of Death

This is the ultimate party game, and if done right, you can get a real buzz. Circle of Death is played with a group of friends setting in a circle around a table. The game starts by placing a beer can on the table and spreading all 52 cards of the deck face down and scattered around that can. Players are going to be pulling cards from the arrangement in a clockwise manner. The game is normally played with beer, but any alcohol can be used. I actually prefer wine over any other alcoholic beverage, so it may take a little longer for my buzz to kick in. In this game, each card that is pulled has a specific meaning or action behind it that everyone must remember throughout the game. For example, an Ace means waterfall, and all players must turn up their drinks and drink without stopping, going clockwise. If a Three is picked, that means ‘me,’ and the person who picked the card must take a drink.. If a player chooses a King, that person gets to set a new rule for the game, such as no laughing or every time you take a drink, you have to pat your head. Whoever violates the rule is forced to drink. The game is over when there are no more cards left to draw, and by then, most players have had way too many drinks, anyhow. This game has been around for years, is very popular among college students, and is very exciting to play!

Beer Pong

Beer Pong is an exciting game to play with friends, in college dorm rooms, and at house parties. To play the game, you need a Beer Pong table, which is usually about eight feet long. You play by arranging ten cups in a pyramid-like shape on each end of the table. You fill all of the cups up with beer or any alcohol of choice. Beer Pong is usually played by teams of two where each team takes a turn throwing a table tennis ball into the other team’s cups. Once a ball lands in a cup, the cup is then taken away and the opponent has to drink what’s in the cup, in its entirety. Whichever team manages to successfully hit all of their opponents cups is the winner. Beer Pong is great for those who are really competitive and anyone looking for an exciting game. This is such a great game for an adult game night!

Beer Pong

Strip Poker

Strip poker is a classic adult party game. In strip poker, when you lose a round, instead of losing some of your chips, you lose some of your clothes. Instead of playing for money, you’re playing for clothes. For me, personally, I am a little shy, so this game isn’t a good fit for me. I’d much rather stick to playing the regular version of online poker. However, there are many different ways of playing this version of the classic card game. If you want to start off playing with chips or cash, you can, and then when players run out, they can opt to start taking off clothing. Strip poker is often played with one betting round where players risk a piece of clothing if they want to stay in the game. You can either see, raise, or fold the bet just like in traditional poker. If you lose, you lose your piece of clothing, if you win, you get to keep them on. It’s that simple. The game is over when any one of the players is down to nothing and hopping around trying to cover up body parts. Strip poker can really be so much fun and a great way to break the ice with friends.

Strip Twister

Strip Twister is played basically the same way as traditional Twister, but with a few added twists. It is best to play the game with an equal number of people, and this game is more often than not, played by couples. When the game starts, all players must be wearing the same number of items of clothing. Whenever the spinner lands on a red section, both players must remove one piece of clothing. Removal of the clothing takes place after the normal move, and this allows those modest players, like myself, who don’t really want to show too much skin to just fall down. The winner is determined the same way it’s determined in the normal game, regardless of how much or how little clothing the last player left in the game has on. Strip Twister is so much fun to play with couples or a huge group of adult friends, and is best played with people you feel comfortable with.

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